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Basic PID symbols and abbreviations used in chemical engineering.

Basic PID symbols and abbreviations used in chemical engineering.

Basic terms of Chemical

Basic terms of Chemical Engineering

Conversion table

Conversion table 1

Conversion table 2

Hand book of Formulae and Constants

Hand book of Formulae and Constants


Boiler Design & Operation

Boilers in parallel

Boiler water related problems

Boiler water treatment

Condensate return

High pressure boiler

Material balance


Maximum NC

Water and Impurities


Chlorine Loading and offloading


Coating for high temperature

Cooling towers

Cooling tower basics


Basics of Corrosion

Chemical treatment of surface

Coating design & testing


Basics of Distillation

Various parts of distillation set up, applications

Structured packing-Intalox

Electrical lock out

Need and methods of electrical lock out

Emission Testing

SOP for Emission Testing


Evaporators-Basics, selection, applications

Selecting evaporators for process applications

Evaporation of difficult products

Fans and blowers

Fans and blowers- Basics

First Aid

First Aid

Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers -Part 1

Shell and tube heat exchangers -Part 2

Shell and tube heat exchangers -Part 3

Shell and tube heat exchangers -Part 4

Shell and tube heat exchangers -Part 5

Process Instrumentation & Control

PID Control Theory

Basic Instrumentation devices and Basic PID Control

PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve)

PRV -Construction & Functioning

PRV -Selection & Sizing

Pumps& Valves

Centrifugal Pumps- Basics

Centrifugal Pumps – Installation and maintenance

Centrifugal pumps Troubleshooting Part one

Centrifugal pumps Troubleshooting Part Two

Centrifugal pumps Troubleshooting Chart

Control Valves- selection Guide

Control Valves- Technical Specification

Influence of specific gravity on Total head

Kirloskar Pumps

Pumps Selection Manuel

Pump selection and trouble shooting of all types of pumps

Pumps and valve selection criteria

Types of Pumps and valves

Types of valves

Valves - Various designs and selection criteria


Reactor Design Basics

Refrigeration System

Refrigeration System

Rupture Disc

Rupture Disc




Steam Engineering - Basics

Steam Distribution and Piping

Steam Ejectors

Basics of steam ejectors

Air ejectors Vs steam ejectors

Air ejectors Vs steam ejectors

Designing of steam ejectors

Types of steam ejectors

Ejectors for vacum distillation & trouble shooting

Steam Trap

Basics of steam and steam traps

Steam trap – various types

Steam trap- selection guide


Surge Prevention

Vacuum Pumps

Choosing the right Vacuum Pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump- Trouble shooting guide

Role of Mechanical boosters to enhance vacuum


Viscosity- Basics

Water hammering

Water hammering- Basics